Homework Assignment – Week Four

Let me start out by saying that I really enjoyed this class! (Thanks Brooke Snow!) This class has challenged me in my photographing skills to think outside the box and to try using my creative side more. I had fun putting the series of photos together and trying to shoot the one photo that told the story alone. I hope I continue to take more lifestyle pictures long after the class is over. I am also looking forward to my next class with Brooke – Photo Basics.

Thematic and Conceptual Shooting

I thought this one was very challenging. I think I came up with to many options and overwhelmed myself. My list was a little long and most I did not even do. I hoping the photo speaks for itself.

Getting in your pictures

So the second assignment was to be in the picture. Lucky for me this weekend offered a few opportunities for that. Below is a picture of my niece-to-be, my fiancé, and I on her First Holy Communion.

Homework Assignment – Week 3

Conceptual Contrast

I am going to admit, I watched the videos ahead and did this concept while on vacation. The first picture is what I thought a nice silhouette picture of my fiancé and me. I set the camera on a table that the hotel we ate at had on the beach (made a great tripod) and used my remote to capture the picture.

The second on is a picture of a sunset, sea/land vs sky.

My last one is small vs big. In this picture my fiancé is holding a small shell in his hand.

Decisive Moment

This one was hard for me. Usually I always look for these moments when taking photos, but only had three pictures in order to get it. I was playing with my nieces and told them to jump off the deck step. Before they would jump I would play with my settings to make sure they were right and I would tell them I was doing practice shots. So while I was “playing” with my settings, I got two pictures of the two of them getting ready and practicing.

In the first one, my older niece was telling her younger sister where to stand for jumping off. You can see her pointing to the step and her sister looking to the spot. This is a rare moment since the older sister is rarely helpful, let alone nice, to her little sister.

I just had to add this one in because I thought it was sweet as well. The older sister is actually grabbing her younger sisters hand to jump off together. Again rare!

Homework Assignment – Week 2

Point of View

My subject for the point of view assignment is my beautiful niece! Since my brother’s family lives out-of-state I get little time with her and her four older brothers. This is her first Easter and I wanted to capture it like I have for my other 7 nieces and nephews. She is eating half of a waffle, yes this little girl can eat! It was in my parents dinning room where the lighting sucked. I did my best, but some you can see the camera shake in. I refused to use my flash and did my best to keep the SS at 1/80th or higher by keeping my aperture at 1.8 and only bumping up my ISO when necessary.

Here is how I would normally take a picture of her.

So I changed my Point of View and here are some others of her.

Side view.

Above shot.

There is obvious camera shake and focusing issues with this one, but I liked the view.

Less is More

So this is my only cooperating subject.

Normal view:

The next three get closer and closer.

I wanted to add these two as well as a Less is More

Homework Assignment 1

Character Details:

My fiancé and I took our first vacation in Marco Island, FL, so I thought I would show the character details of our vacation. The first picture is a lizard that was on the front step the first day, the second is the street we stayed on, and the third is a decoration in the house that reminds me of the relaxing time we had.


To keep with the theme of the vacation, I posted two pictures of my fiancé while on vacation. Every morning we got up early and take a 45 minute walk. The first picture is him getting ready for our walk. The second picture is him waiting patiently for me to set up the camera to take a picture of us with the sun setting behind us.