My new Laundry Room …

I love my new laundry room! When my fiance and I moved into our new home about 3 months ago, the old owners left us their washer and dryer and it stunk! When I did the wash it stunk up the whole house. We had no clue why it smelt so bad, plus it was not energy efficient. So naturally we decided since we needed a new washer and dryer we should just redo the room. Since the room is small I wanted to brighten it up and was a little nervous about the bright green color. I am normally a neutral girl. I am so glad I went outside my comfort zone because I love the color! We don’t get much sun in that room and the color really brightens it up. Then when I saw the knobs in Lowes, I just had to have them. Now doing the laundry is not so much of a drag and a little more enjoyable…kind of! 🙂
Thanks for looking!

Advanced Class – Homework – Week 3

I am really disappointed that it rained again all day Sunday when I planned my photo shoot with my niece. So again the pictures were taken inside. I had my pictures all planned out too. I live on a golf course and I was going to take her the green and get pictures of her golfing. That did not happen. So again I had to take pictures inside and really bump up my ISO.

I had to take a picture with the silly bands!

This one is so her. She finds joy in everything she does. My niece is such a joy.

I am so upset that my focus is off because I think this one would have been great. I can see I am focused on her left eye and her right eye is blurry. 😦 In this one she is cracking up because I let her take a picture with my camera and her mother mad a silly face and she thought it was so funny, so every time I showed her the picture she cracked up.

Advanced Class – Homework – Week 2

The weather is not cooperating with me, so I had to take my pictures inside. You can see the TV reflecting on her face, did not notice this till editing them, and the lighting was not great. I had to bump up my ISO so I could have the camera at a decent SS to avoid camera shake. For some reason my focus is off as well and I am not sure as to why, any advice would be appreciated. I will have to watch Brooke’s video on that again. I did like the variations that I could be in that my house offered. The first on on the same floor as she is, the second was on the stairs landing, and the third one was upstairs looking down. This is my soon-to-be niece. She just loved being my model.