My new Laundry Room …

I love my new laundry room! When my fiance and I moved into our new home about 3 months ago, the old owners left us their washer and dryer and it stunk! When I did the wash it stunk up the whole house. We had no clue why it smelt so bad, plus it was not energy efficient. So naturally we decided since we needed a new washer and dryer we should just redo the room. Since the room is small I wanted to brighten it up and was a little nervous about the bright green color. I am normally a neutral girl. I am so glad I went outside my comfort zone because I love the color! We don’t get much sun in that room and the color really brightens it up. Then when I saw the knobs in Lowes, I just had to have them. Now doing the laundry is not so much of a drag and a little more enjoyable…kind of! 🙂
Thanks for looking!


2 thoughts on “My new Laundry Room …

  1. I love the little knobs. I always think the little details make the room. Maybe laundry will be more enjoyable in such a pretty room. Do you do any macro photography? I think macro photos of some pretty, colorful flowers would be pretty. Much happiness in your new home!

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