Advanced Class – Homework – Week 3

I am really disappointed that it rained again all day Sunday when I planned my photo shoot with my niece. So again the pictures were taken inside. I had my pictures all planned out too. I live on a golf course and I was going to take her the green and get pictures of her golfing. That did not happen. So again I had to take pictures inside and really bump up my ISO.

I had to take a picture with the silly bands!

This one is so her. She finds joy in everything she does. My niece is such a joy.

I am so upset that my focus is off because I think this one would have been great. I can see I am focused on her left eye and her right eye is blurry. 😦 In this one she is cracking up because I let her take a picture with my camera and her mother mad a silly face and she thought it was so funny, so every time I showed her the picture she cracked up.


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