Advanced Class – Homework – Week 2

The weather is not cooperating with me, so I had to take my pictures inside. You can see the TV reflecting on her face, did not notice this till editing them, and the lighting was not great. I had to bump up my ISO so I could have the camera at a decent SS to avoid camera shake. For some reason my focus is off as well and I am not sure as to why, any advice would be appreciated. I will have to watch Brooke’s video on that again. I did like the variations that I could be in that my house offered. The first on on the same floor as she is, the second was on the stairs landing, and the third one was upstairs looking down. This is my soon-to-be niece. She just loved being my model.


3 thoughts on “Advanced Class – Homework – Week 2

  1. Hi Elise, I have seen that you shoot Nikon, as do I. There is something that helps me with my focus that maybe useful to you. There is a program called ViewNX that you can download free from the Nikon website. It can be used to edit your photos (especially if they are NEF files – the RAW name for Nikon) and organising them into folders, etc. It has a feature that I use quite a lot; on the main bar there is an icon for “focus”, it you have it ticked it shows where the focus point was on the viewfinder when you took the picture. I find that it helps me a lot because sometimes I think that I was focused on the eyes, face, ect. but acutally I was not. I hope that helps.

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