Homework Assignment – Week Four

Let me start out by saying that I really enjoyed this class! (Thanks Brooke Snow!) This class has challenged me in my photographing skills to think outside the box and to try using my creative side more. I had fun putting the series of photos together and trying to shoot the one photo that told the story alone. I hope I continue to take more lifestyle pictures long after the class is over. I am also looking forward to my next class with Brooke – Photo Basics.

Thematic and Conceptual Shooting

I thought this one was very challenging. I think I came up with to many options and overwhelmed myself. My list was a little long and most I did not even do. I hoping the photo speaks for itself.

Getting in your pictures

So the second assignment was to be in the picture. Lucky for me this weekend offered a few opportunities for that. Below is a picture of my niece-to-be, my fiancé, and I on her First Holy Communion.


5 thoughts on “Homework Assignment – Week Four

  1. I love your first shot. The way it’s composed, exposed and the overall feeling I have when I look at it. Innocence, lovely, pure. Well done.

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