Homework Assignment – Week 3

Conceptual Contrast

I am going to admit, I watched the videos ahead and did this concept while on vacation. The first picture is what I thought a nice silhouette picture of my fiancé and me. I set the camera on a table that the hotel we ate at had on the beach (made a great tripod) and used my remote to capture the picture.

The second on is a picture of a sunset, sea/land vs sky.

My last one is small vs big. In this picture my fiancé is holding a small shell in his hand.

Decisive Moment

This one was hard for me. Usually I always look for these moments when taking photos, but only had three pictures in order to get it. I was playing with my nieces and told them to jump off the deck step. Before they would jump I would play with my settings to make sure they were right and I would tell them I was doing practice shots. So while I was “playing” with my settings, I got two pictures of the two of them getting ready and practicing.

In the first one, my older niece was telling her younger sister where to stand for jumping off. You can see her pointing to the step and her sister looking to the spot. This is a rare moment since the older sister is rarely helpful, let alone nice, to her little sister.

I just had to add this one in because I thought it was sweet as well. The older sister is actually grabbing her younger sisters hand to jump off together. Again rare!


6 thoughts on “Homework Assignment – Week 3

  1. I’ll admit, this is a hard assignment for me! I like your contrast shots. They give me some inspiration. And the decisive moments are cute. I love seeing sweet moments like these between sisters!

  2. I like the silhouette image the best. It combines light vs. dark and man vs. nature and land vs. water. Great image!

  3. Great ingenuity with the remote. btw, where do you get your remote batteries? Mine are dead and I can’t find them in the stores. Just wonderin’.

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