Homework Assignment – Week 2

Point of View

My subject for the point of view assignment is my beautiful niece! Since my brother’s family lives out-of-state I get little time with her and her four older brothers. This is her first Easter and I wanted to capture it like I have for my other 7 nieces and nephews. She is eating half of a waffle, yes this little girl can eat! It was in my parents dinning room where the lighting sucked. I did my best, but some you can see the camera shake in. I refused to use my flash and did my best to keep the SS at 1/80th or higher by keeping my aperture at 1.8 and only bumping up my ISO when necessary.

Here is how I would normally take a picture of her.

So I changed my Point of View and here are some others of her.

Side view.

Above shot.

There is obvious camera shake and focusing issues with this one, but I liked the view.

Less is More

So this is my only cooperating subject.

Normal view:

The next three get closer and closer.

I wanted to add these two as well as a Less is More


6 thoughts on “Homework Assignment – Week 2

  1. She is so cute!
    I like the bird’s eye view shot the best. I think it is really interesting and beautiful.
    And I don’t think the camera shake is too bad on the last one…adds interest 😉

  2. I also liked the aerial shot. And I am glad you dodn’t use your flash. I have had trouble pushing up my ISO in the past, but I’m getting over it. I’ve decided I like noiser shots that are in focus more than the high contrast, shadowy shots with less noise. Good choice.

  3. Despite camera shake, I do love the last photo of your cute-little-waffle-eating niece. Great perspective!

  4. Great job finding different perspectives! I also have trouble with indoor shooting and trying to figure out the flash! Your niece is a cutey!

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