Homework Assignment 1

Character Details:

My fiancé and I took our first vacation in Marco Island, FL, so I thought I would show the character details of our vacation. The first picture is a lizard that was on the front step the first day, the second is the street we stayed on, and the third is a decoration in the house that reminds me of the relaxing time we had.


To keep with the theme of the vacation, I posted two pictures of my fiancé while on vacation. Every morning we got up early and take a 45 minute walk. The first picture is him getting ready for our walk. The second picture is him waiting patiently for me to set up the camera to take a picture of us with the sun setting behind us.


6 thoughts on “Homework Assignment 1

  1. “Gone to Beach” is a great shot! For some reason, the first conflict shot won’t download on my computer 😦
    I really wanted to see it.
    And tell your fiance that he has YEARS of waiting for you to set up shots in his future!!!

  2. great shots Elise! the one you got of the lizard is cool… i have the worst luck when it comes to taking pictures of things that crawl so fast.

  3. Ahhh…a beach vacation sounds divine right now! How fun to capture a special memory AND use it for homework.

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